Authenticity in employer branding is the new paradigm. In the past, organizations could get by with well-produced recruitment, on-boarding and employee engagement communication messaging, materials and campaigns. It was a time when we, as communication professionals, only had to define our statements; achieve a high standard of production quality; and then execute marketing and PR campaigns. The world has changed.

Today’s world is one where we all instantly search for, and find, information on whatever peaks our interest at the moment. The information we find informs, makes an impression, shapes decisions or validates previously held beliefs. And through it all, the collective impact of the information we find gets us to “the real story” of what interests us. Today’s message for workforce communicators: you can’t hide.

Your people—current and future talent—will see and hear your messages within the context of this new paradigm of self-investigation and validation. They’ll connect with organizations that are authentic while disconnecting with those that aren’t. Therefore, we see three imperatives that organizations should consider when managing recruitment and engagement communications in today’s new paradigm.  The good news is that each works to strengthen the employer brand.

Here are our three employer brand imperatives for 2014:

IMPERATIVE ONE Infuse employee engagement data

IMPERATIVE TWO Simplify employer brand messages

IMPERATIVE THREE Unite external and employer brands

Our next blog will cover the first imperative, infusing employer engagement data into your employer brand. Can’t wait until the next post? Download the full report here.

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Bob Johnson is the practice leader for The David Group's Workforce Communications Practice. Please feel free to reach Bob at or by calling 216.685.4486.

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