While we talk a lot with our clients about their visions and missions, we spend less time talking about our own. 2014 is going to be different. We’re living and breathing it. And, we’re going to talk a lot about it.

Our vision: strengthening employer brand and engaging people cuts the cost of talent. Improved recruiting performance, talent retention and increased workforce productivity are the underpinnings of this vision. The result is a value proposition that’s hard to beat: if you do these two things – strengthen your employer brand and engage your employees – you’ll dramatically impact your cost of talent. (I did say that we’re going to talk about this a lot!)

Our mission: to work with North American organizations to strengthen their employer brand, engage their people and cut their cost of talent. To fulfill this mission, we will bring creative and original thinking to make employer brands stronger and we’ll engage workforces by intensely focusing on their workday experiences, connecting those experiences to their organization’s mission, culture and values.

Along the way, we ask “what if”. What if you strengthen your employer brand and engage your people? And, what if we make this the vision and mission of The David Group’s Workforce Communications Practice? Let’s find out what happens.

It’s going to be a journey. We hope that you will join us.

Cheers, Bob

About the Author

Bob Johnson is the practice leader for The David Group's Workforce Communications Practice. Please feel free to reach Bob at nrjohnson@davidgroup.com or by calling 216.685.4486.

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